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Calcium Metaphosphate

CAS No.: 13477-39-9
Molecular Formula: Ca(PO3)2

Packing: 100g/袋
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Chinese Name 偏磷酸钙
English Name Calcium Metaphosphate
CAS No. 13477-39-9
M.F Ca(PO3)2
M.W 198.02
Specification CaO:28%±0.5%,P2O5:71%±1%,Fe2O3<2ppm,Cu<0.1ppm,Ni,Co,Mn,Pb,Cr<1ppm
Applciation As raw material in phosphate glass and fluorophosphate glas. In glass, it is mainly as a stabilizer,Increasing the chemical stability and mechanical strength,when the content is high, the crystallization tendency of the glass will be increased. At high temperature, the viscosity of the glass will be reduced. It is good for clarification of glass, improve hardening rate of glass.
Product properties White powder. Insoluble in water.
Packaging 100g/bag,500g/bag,20kg/drum, or as per customer's request