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Strontium Fluoride

CAS No.: 7783-48-4
Molecular Formula: SrF2

Packing: 100g/袋
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Chinese Name 氟化锶
English Name Strontium Fluoride
CAS No. 7783-48-4
M.F SrF2
M.W 125.62
Specification Main content >99%, Fe2O3<10ppm, Cu, Co,Cr,Ni,Mn,Pb <1ppm
Applciation It is used to make fluorophosphate optical glass, fluoride glass, fluorophosphate laser glass, laser crystal material, flux material, infrared window material, optical coating material and so on.
Product properties White powder. Insoluble in water.
Packaging 100g/bag,500g/bag,20kg/drum, or as per customer's request