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Nuclear grade Beryllium Oxide of TaiYang Technology - Beryllium coated uranium nuclear fuel

1Application of high purity beryllium oxide in atomic reactor


Profile: Neutron reflector and decelerant (Moderator) of nuclear fuel are usually use BeO, BC or graphite materials.

Beryllium oxide ceramics have lower neutron capture interface and higher neutron deceleration ability. It has smaller capture cross section and larger scattering cross section. While thermal neutron generation, beryllium oxide ceramics are very effective in promoting U235 fission.



The ceramic particles formed by beryllium oxide and uranium oxide can be combined into new nuclear fuel.



2Case of starting control rod for primary neutron source reactor

The higher the purity of beryllium oxide, the higher the thermal conductivity. Conventional 99% purity of beryllium oxide has a thermal conductivity of 210 (100 degrees), but above 99.95% purity beryllium oxide, its thermal conductivity is 300.



3Requirements for nuclear grade powderedberyllium oxide  in Korea Nuclear Power Research Institute

From the analysis of the impurity index of beryllium oxide, the requirement for its impurities is relatively high, which are difficult to remove impurities, especially boron (B) neutron poison.



4Research on new nuclear fuel - beryllium oxide coated uranium oxide local and abroad.










Research institutions









202 laboratory and Core Laboratory of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute

Nuclear fuel pellets were prepared by mixing beryllium oxide with uranium dioxide.The thermal conductivity of fuel pellets can be greatly improved, and the power output of nuclear reactors can be controlled.

Chinese Institute of Engineering Physics

South Korea

Korea Nuclear Energy Research Institute


Purdue University

Purdue University (Prof. Alvin Solomon)


5TaiYang Technology Certificate of Analysis of Beryllium Oxide

Purity remark:

According to the requirements of 13 specific impurity indices for nuclear use in Korea, the total purity calculated by metal difference subtraction method is 518 ppm, about 99.95%. 

The tested data of 13 specific impurities are 76.88ppm, and the purity is 99.9924%.


6TaiYang Technology - Shanghai nuclear society member unit



7TaiYang Technology cooperates with Czech National Nuclear Energy Research Institute.